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Your community connected

Using our service of messages you could commmunicate directly with the families and teachers bringing them the possibility to answer.
In addition, you can access real-time reading statistics.

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Share the children´s day to day

Participating in the development of the children you will generate trust and security in the center.
We help you share children´s daily activities through photos, achievements, alerts, meals, breaks and hygiene habits.

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Simplify payments

Keep track of each student´s accounts through Wakku.
Immediately notify family members of owed charges and received payments.

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Do you know how much consumes one print?

6.76 fl oz of water

0.07 oz of wood

0.07 oz of CO2

Use Wakku and minimize the environmental impact generated by the excessive use of paper.

Turn your center into an organization committed to the planet.


Acquire new tools to run your childcare center


Maintain direct contact with families and your work team.


Digitalize the record of charges and payments of each student.


Organize your center´s agenda and share it with your community.

Food, rest and hygiene

Share the daily habits of children in a simple and quickly way.


Keep families informed of childrens progress.


Report childrens most relevant events.

Image galeries

Share photos of children´s development easily and safely.


Record the daily attendance of the children notifying families.


Provide access to your work team and control their activities.


Reserve a place for your future students and plan your next year.


We have plans according to your needs

  • Messages
  • Payments
  • Events
  • Attendance
  • Food, rest and hygiene
  • Achievements
  • Alerts
  • Teachers
  • Pre-registrations
  • Follow up
  • Reports
USD 2,00 per child per month

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